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Warming It Up

One of my first encounters with an HVAC vendor in Durham, NC was Roland Marsh of Marsh Heating and Air, at an HVAC inspection during a Due Diligence period for a buyer client . I was immediately impressed with the care, professionalism, knowledge, and patience that Roland exhibited throughout the inspection. He wasn’t rushed, nor was any question unanswered which my client asked. All of my subsequent meetings with Roland simply reinforced my initial interaction, he was a genuine person and cared for people as well as took great pride in his work.

It is for these exact reasons that I thought of Roland, and his company, when the Owen Street Project began to take shape. I reached out to them and explained the need which we had. The house had no present functioning HVAC system and would need a total upgrade and installation. Even before seeing the extent of the job, Marsh Heating and Air agreed to donate the labor for the project, meaning that they would pay their own staff for the work which they performed. Roland then met with Dan Sargent of Rebuilding Together, at the house and put together a prospectus for the installation. Marsh Heating and Air is a small company with a big heart and we are so happy and proud to have them participating in this project with us and our other vendors and supporters.

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