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Let's just be candid. Jessica's house is falling apart. Unfortunately, she has been faced with everything that can go wrong in a house since living there: pipes burst as the water heater decides not to function on the coldest day of the year; mold mushrooms while she fights it with quarts of Clorox; floors sink jarringly each time she or her children use the toilet; and outdoor air rushes in through the hole in her shower wall. And this is just a snippet of their daily reality.  

The house is located near downtown, has 2 bedrooms/ 1 bathroom, is just under 1000SF and was built in approximately 1960. Homes like these are being targeted by aggressive investors and many of these homeowners are making the hard choice to sell for less than market value. Sadly, the money earned from the sale often disappears quickly to make ends meet, leaving nothing for the long term. We want to help Jessica stay in her home.

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