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When I initially asked Jon if he would be involved with our Owen Street project I spit out the question, held my breath and crossed my fingers. If you want to work with Jon Fish with Acanthus Construction, you typically wait patiently for an opening in his tightly-packed project calendar.

Jon has been the one my husband and I have turned to for any major renovation on our home. Once you work with him, you quickly realize that he’s just as much an artist as he is a contractor. He’s in demand because he treats his projects, which are typically on historic homes, as though he’s restoring a piece of fine art. His perfectionism sets a high bar in the home renovation world. Instead of being satisfied with replacing historic trim with something similar, he studies the original woodwork and works to replicate it exactly.

Jon’s schedule is tight, especially around the holidays, but as a native to Durham, he cares about our community and happily committed to help us with our project. Now if I could just get him to put me on his schedule for my screened porch…

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