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I’ve known Chuck Wilson, president of CT Wilson Construction and the son of the founder, for about three years. I will never forget the first time I spoke with him. I was at a leadership meeting for Durham Public Schools which was being held with a theme entitled “Reconstructing Our Schools”. Of course there were no funds to purchase construction type props, tool kits, construction fencing, traffic cones, caution tape, etc. Therefore, I was reaching out to stores and construction companies to access these items.

CT Construction was one of my last calls. No one was in to speak with me, so I left a message and Chuck called me right back. He said, “I understand you are in need of some tool kits?” “Yes, that’s right. I need them for a DPS leadership meeting.” “Well, we do a lot of work with DPS. How many do you need?”, Chuck said. “I need 40 tool kits” holding my breath not knowing what he would say. His response was, “okay, I will send someone out to pick them up. Where would you like them to be delivered?” I could breathe, I had just received the last of the needed items and I was so grateful to Chuck and CT Wilson.

Since then, Chuck has supported several of my projects concerning children and the less fortunate. So of course I wanted to talk to him about out Owen Street Project. We met one Friday in his office. Of course he would do what he could but warned me that most of his construction was done by contractors. Also, he wanted to provide labor but admitted his company crews were seriously busy and stretched to their limit. He asked I send him the list of supplies needed down the road and he would take a look to see if he had anything we could use.

Once the list was compiled, I sent it to Chuck. He called to say the only thing he had on hand was concrete and metal, which he believed we would not be able to use on a house. However, he took the time to give me information on other companies and organizations that would be able to help. Before we ended our call, Chuck asked me to email him information on whom he could mail a check to because he wanted to make a donation. You go Chuck, I can always count on you.

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