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Urban Durham Realty, located in downtown Durham, has helped Durham residents, new and old, purchase and list their homes for close to 10 years. Our community is important to us. We’ve built our lives and our business around it, and that business is about far more than buying and selling houses. It is about supporting and strengthening our community. We sponsor local events – both financially and through active involvement. You’ll see us out cutting watermelon each year at the Running of the Bulls finish line, hosting a night of song during the annual Meals From the Market fundraiser for Durham Central Park, sorting food for Durham Public School’s food drive, serving as an official stop at Durham Art Council’s ArtWalk, getting behind the Art of Cool Project, and much more!

Most recently, we as a realty company have seen an exploding market here in Durham. Durham is attracting people from all over the country and world to experience our unique city. This boom in the market has had many wonderful outcomes and has helped to strengthen the city, but it has also augmented staggering housing disparities. 

Many of our neighbors are struggling financially and are finding it difficult to afford to stay in their homes. The easy solution for many is to sell and move into a new home or find a rental property. But that's not an easy choice as there is a significant shortage of affordable housing options. More importantly, it strips people of what, in many cases, is their most valuable long-term investment.

We believe that by helping to change the life of this one family we can bring a warm Durham light to an issue that is causing increasing harm in our community.

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