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A Roof Over Our Heads

For about a month and a half, I made calls to roofers in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Several stated they were just too busy working in Apex after a hail storm. Others had just finished donating materials and labor to repair and replace local churches and non-profits like the Boys and Girls Club. Others just never called back.

On Wednesday morning, I was pulling out of my driveway, when I saw a company doing a roof repair at a house across the street. I thought to myself, maybe I should see what company it is and maybe a foreman is on site. Then I hesitated as I was on my way to visit a number of paint stores. Another voice in my head said, no you should at least see what company is doing the work. So I relented and drove back 400 feet to the job site. I got out of my car and was approached by a lady smiling warmly at me. I started asking about the company and where they were located. She told me the company was RRE, Raleigh Residential Exteriors and they were located in Raleigh. This was a roofer I was not familiar with and had not called. She also said they would be happy to come out and do a free estimate on my roof. I mentioned I was looking for a donation and she told me the number was on the sign, and encouraged me to call.

I took down the number, got back in my car and started on my way. At a stoplight, I called RRE, got voicemail and hung up as traffic was moving. About ten minutes later while sitting in a parking lot, I called again and got an answer. I briefly presented the Owen Street Project and said the only major item we had not secured was a roof. The gentleman on the other end, Ray Garris said he would do it and asked how much in materials I needed. Told him I needed 14 yards of shingles and 15 rolls of roof felt. Again, Ray said yes, they would do it. I thanked him profusely, got his email address and I was off to the next appointment. Hey, if I had known about RRE, I would have called them first. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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