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It's About the Little (Sparkly) Things

It's always interesting to me how things work out sometimes. It's as if we are intentionally placed somewhere to receive gifts we haven't even considered. This is an example of one of those instances.

My intent was to secure paint for the Owen Street Project. I had decided I would ask the Sherwin Williams Stores because of their history of support in the local communities. It was at one of these stores that I met Audrey Odom.

Audrey was standing at the counter when I approached with my phone in my hand. She asked if she could see it for a moment. Taking my phone, she started holding it close to paint samples in front of her. She explained she was decorating her son’s tree and he wanted the rose gold color of his iPhone. The case on my phone was close but not a perfect match. While Audrey continued to match several Christmas ornaments, I went to speak to the assistant manager about our request.

Audrey was within earshot of my conversation and looked in my direction several times. As I started to leave, she asked me to come over. She said to me, “I overheard your conversation about the paint donation. I am an event planner and one of my specialties is decorating holiday trees. Tell me more about this project.” I explained in detail what we were trying to do. Coincidentally, Maggie St. Clair, Urban Durham Realty’s office manager, had just donated a very large and beautiful artificial tree to Jessica and her children. Audrey said, “Perfect, artificial trees are the best to decorate. I want to help by decorating the entire tree at no cost.” We exchanged contact information and I left the store shaking my head thinking, what a wonderful and unexpected gift! Thank you, Audrey for sharing Kreative Boss Designs.

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