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While researching the less fun aspects of a project like this, (such as tax implications for our vendors) one of our agents, Pete Eisenmann was referred to a local non-profit called Activate Good. Activate Good is an organization that matches volunteers and those looking to help with local non-profits whose goals align. Amber Smith, the executive director, thought that Rebuilding Together of the Triangle would be a great fit for helping us. Pete met with Dan Sargent, the Executive Director Rebuilding Together of the Triangle to talk about our project. Rebuilding Together helps keep low income homeowners in their homes by assisting with repairs, accessibility issues, and other improvements. Basically, they are pros at what we were hoping to achieve. They have helped over 300 families stay in their homes. Dan came to one of our weekly meetings to talk to all our agents and come up with a plan. Urban Durham would spearhead gathering donations of both supplies and time/labor from our amazing vendors, and Rebuilding Together would help with permitting, legal and tax issues. With a plan in place, our agents hit the ground running and started to talk to our vendors!

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